The heart of ministry - reality church

The number36 Coffee Lounge Church. A sanctuary in the desert.

A new experience of church in a contemporary setting

Along with many other varied and curious things, Number36 is a beautiful and welcoming place in the centre of town, where you will find a peaceful corner and the opportunity to chat and meet new people.

It is a delightful place where you can simply get away from everything else, and find some peace and a great atmosphere. On Friday evenings it is a safe and welcoming zone for young people to just chill, with free wifi and visiting speakers from time to time.

Oh, and we have speciality refreshing teas including cardamom and jasmine, served in a real Persian candle-teapot and poured into tea-glasses. Bring a friend, and who knows, but it may be the start of a new life-experience for them! We have also designed a very special range of unusual but health-benefitting hot and cooled beverages which are both good for you, and a bit of fun. 

Become a member of number36 and you will benefit from all of the advantages and promotions (see our membership application page or just call in and pick up a card).


 'Out of this World' evening*

Every month there will be special evenings at the weekend with a unique meal, some music, and a short life-story from an invited guest. The first such occasion will be a Kerala Evening, prepared and cooked by real South Indian chefs. It will be served on banana leaves just as it would be in Kerala (what they call, "God's own country"). This is not your high street 'Indian' takeaway food! This is the real thing! There will be some music and a short story from one of the chefs. Altogether, this will be an evening to be remembered long after it is over.

Book early (date to be arranged) to avoid missing out!

The number36 'Hot Chilli-bang Chocolate' - our own blend made with Lindt chocolate. It is amazing! Mild, Hot, or Scorching!!


House Teddy. You can tell him anything.

* This evening will be a members evening. For membership go to members application